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On stage or in the studio, that's where you'll find me! Playing bass or producing music. 

In my career so far I’ve enjoyed playing and producing a wide variety of musical styles, and I’ve been lucky to have worked with a diverse range of great artists, including Alain Clark, Miss Montreal and Waylon. In each situation I try to blend in my own style while staying true to how the music was intended. The role of supporter fits me more than that of a soloist. I like to be able to say to the artist and band; “I got your back”. The groove, the sound and the energy come first, and generally I will play a fill only if the music asks for it or if it is really appropriate. When creating bass-lines I like to experiment with my bass sound using different basses, techniques and pedals, and I'll always try to come up with something creative and unique. In the studio there are no rules, and I will decide on the direction depending on the vibe and wishes of the artist. 

Some of the things I do:

- Live Gigs & Tours

- Producing & Mixing Tracks or Albums

- Composing for Media

- Studio Work (check gear section)

- Writing Sessions

- Recording on Location 

- Clinics and Masterclasses

- Teaching (also online via skype/zoom)

- Writing Articles/Columns

You can listen to my music here

Hear me talk about my gear and career here (in Dutch).

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